Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas cones

Wow, I have missed all of you!! These past few weeks I have not been on much to check out all the great holiday projects and all of your wonderful blogs. While it bums me out since I know there was some probably some gorgeous projects,(especially at this time of the year,) and I love reading about all of your lives, I really needed to take a breather. (bad timing, I know!) But, I was a little to into the blogging thing and not doing what I had to be doing,like spending less time on the computer and more time chasing my now(I'm still freaking he is 5) 5 year old . I work full time and play with him once I get home until he gets to bed but some nights, I just wanted to chill out and craft. But, he is more important than making a card or project! There is no project, card, or layout that I could have made that is more beautiful than my son. He is the love of my life. In his world, I was made to feed him, soothe his ouchies,play tackle football, and play power rangers(oh and wipe his butt-when the heck is going to learn to do that on his own??? lol). And you know what,I can totally dig his world! He is already 5, it went so fast, and I don't want him to remember me as the mom who was on the computer and not spending enough time with him. I mean, he is the coolest dude ever!! At a whopping 34 pounds and 3 feet tall, his heart is the size of the moon and whats even more cool, he loves me to the moon and back. So how could I not want to spend every minute with him?? So, I did his b-day party, the arrival of Joey the Elf, and have just been concentrating on him and my husband and getting ready for the arrival of Santa! But, before all that, I took my first craft class and learned how to make these awesome cones and treat cups!! It was a great class, there were was only one other student! I am a total visual learner and luckily I had a very patient teacher. I was like, ummm I totally can't get this cone thing to look like a cone and so she would roll it and unroll it (like a million times) so many times that I got her so confused, she was starting to think she was nuts! But, in the end and I got it!! I made four so far and I am going to make marshmallow pops and put them in the cone and give them to Liam's teachers at school. I have only one other Christmas project, a wreath I made to put in our office. (There are 2 women and 20 guys, I had to brighten the place up a bit!!)But, haven't taken a picture yet. Here are the pictures of some of the cones:


  1. Great decoration super job on the Rosette.

    DIANA L.

  2. I really enjoyed your posting, you are so right! I also work full time and it is hard to squeeze in crafting time with all the other responsibilities and believe me it goes so fast my girls now 9 and 10 would rather be texting, listening to music or hanging out with their friends! There really is such a small window! I am so grateful I was a stay at home Mom up until Kinder! I was able to spend all my time with them (And I was not a crafter/blogger at the time so it was 100%) But now it makes me sad that they are like little women living their own lives!
    Fun project too!

  3. Oh wow, those are really nice Peggy. I like them alot. I did not think I would when I firs saw the class, but wow, they are nice. I am sure Liam's teachers will love them. Great idea. Can't wait to see the wreath.

    Enjoy your son now that he is still tiny enough to control.

  4. beautiful and totally understand nothing more important then your children