Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holy CupCakes, Liam turned 5!!

that's right, the lil dude has turned 5. This has turned his mother(me) into a wreck! I mean really, wasn't it just yesterday that I brought him home from the hospital and just stared him going, what the heck do I do with you now that you are out??!! He has been such a riot, he makes me laugh every day(ok, sometimes I want to ring his neck but can't cuz he is just so darn cute!) and makes me so happy for getting a clue and deciding to have a baby! Every day I am more and more thankful for him and for my husband.
Liam had his party today, it was super hero themed. He would have been happy at Chucky CheeseI(I would have rather given birth again with no drugs than do that-sorry Chuck). I, on the other hand, live for parties. My husband? Not so much. He loves Liam to pieces, other kids? UMM...not so much! He actually would be a great stay home and when I "let" him retire for the second time, he will do a great job! lol Anyway I bought the Batman and Superman carts and made his invites, center pieces,banner, cupcake toppers and sign. I had a blast doing it. Those pieces are way small on the cart and it was a bit aggravating! Seriously, anyone have those cartridges? I still can't get a grip on the sizes, real dial, regular whatever... four trillion pieces later and I managed to make some pretty cool center pieces. Anything for the little dude! (including my sanity apparently)We invited 12 other children and although me being the control freak wanted to organize games and such, they only wanted to bounce in the Marvel themed bounce house! Oh well, I relented....(and then played pin the bat on the moon by myself later! ha)Some of the kids dressed up as their favorite super heroes which was lots of fun. They played all day in the bounce house and with all of Liam's super heroes and cars. What great kids! Here are some photos(ok, a lot of photos!)
here is the invite:
Since many didn't RSVP, I had to send out a reminder!! It's bat on a piece of elastic!
Here is the bounce house-
The party favors included a chocolate covered marshmallow with an "S" for Superman on it, stickers,a door hanger and lightening bolt soap I ordered from Etsy (Brownbagbathbars.
Superman was guarding the treat bags-
Sign for the front door and banner inside-
Here are the center pieces,cupcakes and toppers:
Here are his buddies(Liam has the yellow Wolverine costume on on the right)
Me and my bud with all of his presents!
Whew! I think that is it!! Now off to do thank yous(and you know they just can't be store bought!) Fire up the Cricut!!
Happy Birthday Liam! Mommy and daddy love you and hope you had a great time!


  1. happy birthday to your little man and you did such a great job on his party. love all of it. hugs

  2. Boy you sure did have lots of little kids at your home for the birthday. I would have gone nuts and needed a day to myself after that.
    Glad everything turned out great and Liam had a good time.
    I just received the Batman and Superman cricut cartridge. Don't know why because I do not have boys. But I guess one day I will use it even if it is just for an image.
    We will talk soon.

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