Monday, March 26, 2012

Wow, I hadn't realized how long it has been since I posted! Shame on me! I have not forgotten all of you, I hope you haven't forgotten me! Ana from Scrappy Pink Corner has been yelling at me to post so while watching The Voice with the fam, I am posting!! I have been crafting, just not posting. I have kind of been out of the card making craziness I was in before and have been working on Liam's scrapbook instead. I do love making cards but Ana and I have been meeting once a month to work on our layouts and it has been great having girl time with her! It is just so nice to sit and chat and make layouts. I will have to post a few that I have finished but tonight I finished a motorcycle diaper cake that I will show you. Ok, I really thought it was going to be simple but simple does not come simple to me! lol After buying blankets and bibs and trying to put it all together, I realized my blankets were not the right kind and so I had to go out and buy all new stuff! UGH! Its ok though because the mom to be needs blankets and bibs so it will not go to waste since I couldn't return it. 15 years after having her first, my friend is having her second! Many things have changed over the years so she is freaking out a bit! I want to ease her anxiety a bit by loading her up with the neccessities but I saw this cute tutorial at on how to make a motorcyle diaper cake and couldn't resist throwing in some fun for the baby shower I will be attending for her.
Ok, so its not perfect but if I took any longer on it, the kid would be changing MY diapers! If I mess with it one more time, I think I will go nuts! I asked a few guys at work and they said it looked like a tricycle. I was like, ok I will take it!! At least it resembled something! My pictures are not the best either but if you would like to make one, be sure to follow the great tutorial at Sweet Aprils
Time to put the little dude to bed, I let him stay up late to hang with his older sister. He is trying to con me into letting him sleep with us tonight and I am such a sucker that I am sure he will win! How can I say no? He is adorable!
Goodnight-I will try to post some more tomorrow!


  1. Finally a post. Are you sick or did I bug you enough?
    That diaper cake is adorable. She will love it. Love the monkey. What made you make a motorcycle? Stinking cute.
    Can't wait until the 7th and then the 13th. Shopping and scrapping.

  2. why this monkey turned in to a king???is there any reason?