Sunday, October 2, 2011

Thanks Paula and Momo!!!

Yesterday I had the honor of sitting with the most amazingly talented ladies at the Cropping Out Breast Cancer crop held in Hialeah, Fl. I met the two wonderful organizers of the crop, Paula from More than Favors by Paula and Mari,a.k.a. Momo, from Made by Momo. I have followed both of their blogs since I got my Cricut last year. I saw Momo on a Youtube tutorial about making a Halloween wreath and I was hooked! I emailed her with some questions because I had no clue what to buy to even begin card making and she answered my questions, she was so nice! I happened upon Paulas blog from Momo and now follow them both! They both design for Pink By Design whom I love!!
Ok, I am not gonna lie-I was totally intimadated by these ladies. I felt like packing up my two small bags of random scrap supplies and heading home. These are some serious scrappers! The amount of stuff brought in could have filled up two Michaels stores! I am totally not a wackadoo but after listening to me, I am sure Momo and Paula thought I was! I asked a zillion questions and babbled like a second grader! I mean like I am seriously winging this stuff, I have two Cricuts and can barely work the first one(why aren't there directions???)so I wanted to ask a million more questions but at the risk of them thinking I was a stalker weird chick, I walked away....I am totally insecure about what I make and when I saw what these ladies brought to the table, I was like-holy crap what am I doing here??? I was just in awe of what was going on. I am not a total goob but after seeing paper piecing and these chipboard albums that Ana(sorry, dont know her last name but is a chipboard queen!) made, and the other scrapbook albums that were being made, I wanted to go home and throw out everything I made!! But,the best part? No one made me feel like the pre- made lil album I put together(and screwed up)was junk! They offered help and suggestions and by the end (and I mean end, it took 10 hours to do),I finished!! Aside from the tiny screw up, its pretty cute!!
And even better, over $5,000 was raised! How kickin is that?? I bought some raffle tickets and won some prizes and they also provided us with a great goodie bag(my husband called dibs on the coffee mug). I even bought some great stuff from 2 Creative chics, (check them out online). For my first crop, it was awesome!! I learned a lot of things and met some great people who enjoy doing what I like to do. I wish I had met everyone because I think I follow some of their blogs and wanted to thank them for their inspiration! Thanks for Gloria who put up with my nervous laughter and who helped Momo and Paula all night long! Thanks Paula and Momo! You had a successful event and did an awesome job!!! You rock!


  1. this is so great. good to hear. hugs

  2. OK, if I see a picture I will know who you are. Its Ana. Thank you for mentioning my creations. I am so happy you liked them.
    The crop was awesome and so much fun. I had a blast. My favorite crop by far. I am extremely excited that they met there goal. $5,150.00 s of this morning that I spoke to Paula as she was heading into work.
    My blog is
    Can't wait to here from you.