Thursday, October 27, 2011

oops-sorry & Blog Hop!

thanks to Rhonda,I fixed my comment section. For some reason, it was not allowing comments. I posted my project last night to be shown this morning and it did but then it wouldnt allow comments.. hmmm. Oh well, now it is fixed!
On November 1st, I will be participating in a birthday bog hop to celebrate two totally awesome ladies, Rhonda from Scrap Happens and Amy from Love to Crop. They also have a joint blog called, Decorate to Celebrate
. If you have not seen a mini done by Rhonda or a kickin explosion box or beautiful stick pin by Amy then you are missin out. Rhonda is currently doing a halloween project each day of this month with another amazing lady, Jean of Jeans Crafty Corner . They are rockin the projects, the creativity just blows me away! So be sure to check out Amys,Rhondas, and Jeans blogs daily and you too will see some awesome things!! I hope you stop by for the Birthday blog, I will have candy!!!

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  1. so glad your comment is fixed. your mummy bag deserved it, he is so stinking cute. hugs and thank you for making my head swell! lol ha love ya friend