Friday, September 2, 2011

Mystery Box haul and update on mom!

First things first-thanks to all the well wishes for mom. She had surgery on her fractured wrist and it went very well. For 80 yrs old, she is a tough old broad! lol She was in good spirits right after surgery and is now resting at home with a live in aide to help her out for a while. I am hoping she will gain her strength back(and her weight, the lil whipper snapper is only 92 pds!)and start having a better time of it!
ok now onto the Cosmo Cricket Mystery Box I ordered last week. Kassidy from Inking it Up posted about it on FB and I am such a sap, I got one! It was $50 and boy am I glad I am a sap! I got a 9, yes 9 pound box of goodies! I have never used their products so I really don't know how much their products cost but I really think I got a great deal. I got 36 sheets of paper, a mini deck of paper, plus 15 pages of different die-cuts ,journalling tags and borders. I got a halloween stamp set, 3 mini chalkboard albums, 2 photo boxes, some bling, some grubbers, lots of stickers, and a box of lacing cards. I am just beside myself! I have so much that I am starting to feel the guilts(especially since I still have another Mystery Box coming in from Crafty Steals next week!)!! I am in a Teddy Bear Blog hop on Sept. that Jen at JenscraftCorner is hosting so some of you might just want to stop by and see what kind of blog candy I will be giving away! It could be something from my Maya Road Mystery box, Cosmo Cricket Mystery Box, or from the Crafty Steals box I am waiting on! Here are the pics from my latest haul!


  1. This looks like a super fun box of goodies! Glad your Mom is feeling better!

  2. OMG! I'm totally going to check these out! And I'm soooo happy your mom is doing well!
    xoxo Charity

  3. i think you got a good bargain :P

  4. Glad your Mom is doing better! That is one fantastic haul!! I knew I should have grabbed that deal!