Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another Mystery Box! and say a few prayers, please...

I can't recall who recently asked me where I get my Mystery Boxes but this is for you! Todays Crafty Steal is a box of goodies for $44.99 that includes shipping. I just can't be trusted, I bought one today. I mean really, what was I thinking? But, I can't resist a good mystery and today I feel like pampering myself(I know, I know, whats so different from any other day!) But, mom fell and broke her wrist and has to have surgery today so I need a pick me up! Rhonda at Scrap Happens sent me a Sock Monkey mini that I got yesterday and it is sooo kickin! I totally love it and it just lifted me up. Somehow a little bling and paper can cheer me right up! Its not about me,its about mom I know. But, it helps me out because thinking about her pain and what she will go thru after just healing her femur from a break 2 mths ago, kills me. Poor thing, she is in so much pain. She is 80 yrs old and has always been a lil peanut but she just looks so frail. You would never know she had 10 of us! But, she is a fighter and will hopefully bounce back in no time. She has had a tough go of it as of late. Surgery is in 3 hours and though I am not a die hard catholic, I say my lil prayers each day and hope that he can help her thru this.


  1. I hope your mom has a speedy recovery!
    I've never ordered a mystery box before...I love would love see what you get...thank you for stopping by my today! I'm your newest follower. ;)

  2. oh peggy sorry to hear your mom is not feeling well. hope she heals fast and I will pray she does. So happy you got your mini. Good luck with your mystery box. hope you get lots of good things. hugs

  3. Peggy, your mom is in my prayers. My dad is 91 so I know how you feel, it is so hard sometimes. Hugs and kisses, hope you have fun with your Mystery Box!

  4. I pray your mom has a quick recovery!!! I will send up many "knee" mails for her speedy recovery!!!

    I still am unable to get into your followers. I'll keep trying!