Sunday, July 3, 2011

Glorious Treats

Have you ever been to see Glory at Glorious Treats?? She is an amazing and I mean amazing woman! She will tell you not to be jealous but please, when you see what she does, you can't help but be a little jeal!!
She has kickin ideas and she is willing to share those ideas with great instructions. (which even I can follow!!) While I do not know her personally, I know her from what she reveals in her blog and she is the most modest person I know. She does not brag, she she just likes to create beautiful things and she does. Gosh, she makes look so effortlessly! She doesn't claim to be Wonder Woman though secretly, I think she is!!
Ok, I just think she rocks so stop by her blog and I think you will agree!
The new neighbor spent 4 hours helping out my husband today because our meter box was smoking! He has the cutest lil 4 yr old girl who hung out with my 4 yr old son! I decided I wanted to make him something to thank him and his wife. I saw how Glory made this awesome cupcakes in a jar. I did not have jars but had these plastic cups for forever so I used those. They did not turn out beautiful but they did turn out yummy!(yikes, the picture does look a bit scary but they were kinda cute!) Thanks Glory! (I caught a little bit on FB that someone was nasty to her, I hope this makes her feel better!!)

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  1. The Patriotic cupcake looks good & yummy.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"