Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Appreciate the Teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Week is the first week of May.  I love this week!  I am not a teacher but I believe in thanking the teachers who take care of my son all day and teaching him things that I know I would just not be able to.   Each day of the week I give a little treat to his teacher.  The first day I baked bread and gave that and an apple to her. After all, breakfast is the most meal of the day!! lol   Tuesday I gave her a cup with a packet of instant Latte mix and put a tag on that says, "Thanks a Latte!" and included a straw.  Today it was a pudding cup that said, Thanks for "puddin" up with me!  Tomorrow I am giving her this little pack of watermelon gum with a treat topper that says, "You're one in a melon!"  Friday will be a bouquet of flowers.  Be sure to thank your teachers this week!  I am linking this up to

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