Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wacky Wednesday #28-Zoo Challenge

More Than favors Wacky Wednesdays challenge is Zoo themed .  I LOVE monkeys! I always ask my husband, "Can we get a monkey??" He always says "NO!" Whatev!  I call everyone at work monkey, I don't know why,I just do.  So, my good bud Stacy(monkey girl)is out of work and kind of in the dumps so I thought I would send her a little card letting her know that even though it seems like everyone is against her, I still am bananas for her!! So to Stac, cheer up monkey girl!! I had to whip this one up fairly quickly since we were out late getting light up shoes for the little man and running shoes for the big man!(mama doesn't like to exercise so she didn't get any! lol). I used my favorite Create a Critter Cartridge, my awesome stamps from The Pink Stamper(I love her!) and of course some sparkle farkle! (ok, smack me now I cannot stop using glitter glue.  I love whoever invented glitter glue, stickles, dollar store glitter glue etc... just love that sparkle farkle it cheers me right up!) 


  1. Adorable Card!! Head on over to my blog, I have something for you! Bug Hugs :D

  2. I love that monkey, the card is adorable!!

  3. Toooo cute---I love monkeys.